In short: All games reviewed on will be assigned a score from 0 through 10. This score represents the overall opinion of the game.

A score of 0 represents a game which has no redeeming qualities. It lacks any form of story to keep the player engaged and suffers from major gameplay flaws, such as severe bugs which render the game unplayable. See all games which scored 0.

A score of 1 through 4 will not be assigned. Trends in review scoring over the past few years have shown that most people have zero interest in games with such low scores. There is little point in distinguishing between scores ranging from 0 to 4 as they all effectively have the same overall meaning; this game may as well not be played. Any game incapable of managing a score of 5 will automatically be awarded a score of 0.

A score of 5 represents a highly flawed game with very little to redeem it. Unlike a game assigned a score of 0, it is playable to some extent; although there is little reason to do so. This is a game for only the die hard curious types who can afford to buy a lemon every now and then. See all games which scored 5.

A score of 6 represents a game that shows promise. It likely has a brilliant story, setting, or game mechanics, but is somewhat lacking in most other areas. Despite probably having many bugs, this title is still worth looking at if the price is right. See all games which scored 6.

A score of 7 represents an overall good game. It may not stand out from the crowd or win any industry awards, but it’s still a game that fans of its specific genre will have fun playing. Occasional bugs may be present, but the game can still be played and enjoyed regardless. See all games which scored 7.

A score of 8 represents a title that is a great example of its genre. This is a game that can be highly recommended to fans. There may be some flaws and perhaps even a crash or two, but this is a title well worth the standard asking price. See all games which scored 8.

A score of 9 represents a near perfect game. This title is considered one that should be played by all, whether they be a fan of Japanese games or a new comer looking to try their first Japanese title. Most problems indicated in the review will be in respect to the way in which game mechanics were implemented. Although the odd crash, especially in the case of a PC game, may still make an appearance. See all games which scored 9.

A score of 10 represents a perfect game. This game is without flaw or fault. There is nothing wrong with it at all. No matter how hard they try, the developers will never be able to improve on this title. While this score is included in the scoring system, it is unlikely such a perfect game will ever be covered. See all games which scored 10.

Provisional scores: With the goal of covering games quicker, a first impressions or review piece may be published with a provisional score. While the overall meaning of the score is the same as that described above, these scores will be indicated with an asterisk.

A provisional score indicates that the game has not been played to completion. A full review once the game has been completed may be posted at a later date. At that time, the provisional scores may be revised upwards or downwards.

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