Impressions – Alpha’s Adventures

Perhaps this is an interpretation of the many-worlds theory; a take on quantum mechanics which posits that every conceivable outcome occurs over an infinite number of universes. Boiled down to focus on just a few possible lifetimes lived by one person; Alpha. Currently in development by Onee-sama Productions, Alpha’s Adventure is an upcoming eroge that places its heroine in a variety of different situations which seemingly have no connection to one another.

These self contained stories focus on a specific love interest in their own unique genre setting. For example, Iori’s route is based on a science fiction theme, and places Alpha aboard the last space ship to venture into the unknown. Embarking on a journey which is seen as pointless; for the Earth provides every possible comfort you could ever desire. Even Alpha wouldn’t bother worming her way onto this ship if wasn’t for the fact that the one thing she desires soon won’t be found on Earth any more; Iori herself.

Ara’s route is far removed from Iori’s. The Earth appears to have suffered from some major event causing the collapse of society as we knew it. The resulting desert themed fantasy, places Alpha in charge of escorting Ara through said desert.

From the little shown of the world in Jaylah’s route, this slice of life tale could take place in the world as we know it. The focus here being on a somewhat inappropriate sibling relationship. While this is a fairly common theme in Japanese entertainment, the usual excuse of not actually being related by blood is seemingly absent here. Mix with this a hint of betrayal, and Jaylah’s route is teased as one of the more intriguing ones.

The final route, only known as ??? for the time being is likely the one that will tie everything up and perhaps (hopefully!) explain how each of the routes are linked. I expect this route will only become available after completing the previous ones.

While the genres for each of the main love interests may differ, the objective does not. Described as a “strong-willed pervert who flaunts her arrogance at every opportunity,” Alpha only has one driving goal in her life: to conquer whoever has managed to catch her interest.

When I started playing the demo, I must admit I didn’t like Alpha. Even her name put me off, given it conjures up images of the “alpha male” concept that seems fairly prevalent in American culture. But over the course of the demo and through the different route samples, Alpha has ended up an interesting character, one I may even come to like more during the course of the full game.

Being an eroge, one of the main focuses of Alpha’s Adventures is her relationship with the other characters. It should be noted that this is a yuri themed tale, so sexual content is of a lesbian nature. Iori’s route is the only one in the demo to serve up some delicious (mildly explicit) examples of this. We’ll have to wait for the full game to see how the other routes pan out outside of a few suggestive situations.

Each of the routes in the demo present one choice. While this is a good indication that the full game will feature choices — something I consider important to have within the visual novel genre — these choices lack any real consequences. I am hoping that the choices only causing a change in immediate dialogue, before returning to the same story flow regardless of your selection, is simply down to the nature of the demo.

It would be a true waste of potential if the full game did not feature some more meaningful choices as well. The Kickstarter page for Alpha’s Adventure (which was successfully funded by the way) does mention that there are eight endings, so at the very least, players should be able to expect some kind of good / bad ending route flow for each love interest.

No matter how the implementation of choices ultimately play out, the Alpha’s Adventure demo has served as lovely teaser for the full experience. It has certainly left me eagerly awaiting the release of the full adult version in the future.

If you would like to play the demo for yourself, it is available either via the Kickstarter page or from the Denpasoft website.

Screenshots were taken by the author.

Alpha’s Adventures (demo version) was provided courtesy of Denpasoft.