In short: J-ga.me/s/ aims to provide coverage of Japanese games and Japanese style games.

For Japanese games (those developed and published by Japanese companies), the intention is to cover a mix of both original Japanese language releases and subsequent English language localisations on all relevant formats. While for Japanese style games (those developed outside Japan but with a style befitting the games created in Japan), the focus will mainly be on English language versions only.

The goal for J-ga.me/s/ is to provide coverage of Japanese games that treats each game fairly for its actual content, without immediately dismissing it for being “Japanese”.

Contact: mc [at] j-ga [dot] me

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About content: Western games are typically known for their focus on extreme violence and gore. Likewise, Japanese games are typically known for their focus on sexual fan service. J-ga.me/s/ will not shy away from this content. Many reviews, news, and opinion pieces, etc., may feature screenshots of somewhat lewd or raunchy situations (but there will be no out right depictions of graphical sexual acts). There will be no NSFW warnings as I would like to believe J-ga.me/s/ audience is mature enough to handle this content.
About screenshots: Unless otherwise stated, all screenshots used on J-ga.me/s/ are taken by me using methods such as Steam’s built-in screenshot function or dedicated capture hardware and software such as AverMedia’s RECentral. For reviews especially, the aim is to not use so-called PR screenshots.
How games are obtained: Most games, especially Japanese languages ones, are purchased by myself. Some games are however provided by developers, publishers, or their respective PR companies. The method in which I obtained a game is always clearly disclosed at the end of a review.
Advertising and funding: J-ga.me/s/ is funded entirely by myself. There are currently no plans to add any form of advertising to the site.